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The 10-10-70-10 Rule

  Looking to organize your money?  This money recipe will show you how to organize your money once you earn it.  Calculate how much money you're anticipating at the end of the month. The total Put that total amount into 4 categories (10% Giving back, 10% Paying yourself, 70% Bills, 10% Investing). Ideally, put away 10% for giving back. This could be Church, Charity, etc.  Then, pay YOURSELF 10%. This must be at least 10% and more if you can.  Source (Richest man in Babylon). 70% goes to bills. Everything you need for survival.  (car, gas, food, rent, clothes, medical, etc.) Take the last 10% and put it towards investing. Research diverse types of investments that make money grow.  For...

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iPhone Wallet For Holding Your Cash, Cards and Receipts

  Do you keep track of how much you spend on a daily basis? Usually, I go to the store. Buy something. And the cashier asks me if I want the receipt.  I have the habit of saying “no”.  I’ll just see the charge on my statement.  Normal… Sometimes the cashier doesn’t even hand me the receipt.  I just walk away.  All I hear is “$5.03” or whatever the cost is and just swipe.  Or give’em cash.  I don’t even think about KEEPING the receipt.  I  have no idea how much I’ve spent throughout the day and I’m wondering why I’m surprised when I check the number in my bank account  Bad habit.  I’m guilty of it. Have you ever...

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