Whats Tadros K all about?  What’s the idea?

The idea is create a win-win situation between us, and you.  The customer.

What this isn’t? It’s not a way to sell you something and never talk to you again.  That’s bad business.

I believe in in loyalty, customer service and good sales practices.  

Meaning, if I use my sense of style to find a product and sell it to you..that’s Value in Exchange for your hard earned money.

My service is to help you look good for certain occasions.  

One of the biggest joys in life is giving back.  And I’m impressed by big numbers.  So when you do buy many things that you like, just know that part of your money is being circulated back into the world for even better services like feeding hungry  people.

You’re now part of the bigger vision.  To support Tadros K and make a difference in the world!

Creating a win for you, win for Tadros K and a win for the world.  I call it the tri-fecta.  

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