Instant T Shirt Design For Buyers of Retail Stores To Sell To Customers!

I became a designer after reading a scripture from the Bible.
A warm feeling wrapped over my I knew it was reliable.
First few designs were pretty bad.
Friends were making fun of was kinda sad.
But I kept striving.
Took some design courses and kept designing.
Came across a famous rapper in a picture.
Throwing up the peace sign in the mixture.
Got inspired.
Sold the finished product at work and everyone admired…
The design was a hit.
So I designed the updated version and took it online to see if it would fit.
It’s been an uphill battle but I knew it was perfect for brands to sell this design.
The whole world wearing it and let it just shine.
Now it’s time for you to show it off to your customers.
Make a profit and go celebrate with some wine and hors d'oeuvres.
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