About Tadros K


Hi, I'm Karem...The designer for Tadros K.

One day in my late 20's I decided to search my soul and what I was made to do...I turned to the Bible.

Somehow I was reading a verse about a man named Bezalel who was called by God to build a tabernacle.  God gave him all the skills he would need to build it in detail.

In the verse the word designer stood out to me.  Really connected with me and made me all warm.

I declared that's what I was made to do even though I had no experience.  So I started taking courses.  

Turned out I had a talent for creativity. 

The thought "women love shoes and you love women with pretty feet" came to my mind.  So that's what I did...designed shoes for women that took care of their feet with polish that actually matched their skin :)

3 years later I'm here.  Presenting you with my latest creations!  They're Italian Made Shoes made in Le Marche, Italy.  Known as the Shoe Valley of Italy.  

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