Fresh Design For Buyers of Retail Stores



Hi, I'm Karem.  If you’re looking looking for a fresh t shirt design for your customers then I want to tell you about a catchy design that sold 40 out of 48 T shirts in less than a week in person.

It all started when I found a picture of a famous rapper online throwing up the peace sign.  I’m a designer so I put unique twist to it and got it screen printed. 

Wore it around my overnight job and went up to people one by one selling it like they were hot cakes!  Everyone was asking for one and someone even said “it looks like a charity event going on or something”.  It was the design to own.

A collection was born around the design and the thought of offering it globally to businesses and buyers in a PNG file came to mind.  It’s fast and easy to download plus

  • You pay for it once and then print it out over and over again when merchandise sells out
  • You get a 60 day money back guarantee if you change your mind and you keep the file for trying it out.
  • You get it instantly so no waiting for shipment of merchandise
  • You don’t have to pay royalties on the design. You have permission to sell it over and over again to your customers.

So, for a few hundred bucks you can invest in exciting your customers and raking in sales.  Hurry and get one! 

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